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Buying baby canned foods and edibles for the babies is the first resort of many busy parents, and since canned foods are packed for a prolonged time, they are preserved by using chemicals and preservatives, which makes them an unhealthy option for your kids.
On the contrary, parents should be encouraged to prepare fresh baby foods on their terms. By preparing fresh foods you ensure that your baby is eating the right amount of nutrients required for developing your baby’s body, brain, and other organs. That gives you a piece of mind and assures you the baby food eaten by your kids does not contain any sort of preservatives, which could be harmful to your baby’s health.

Why totmeal?

Being a parent is not an easy task. A baby needs attention and care all around the clock, seven days a week. Parenthood is a job that has no holidays or even weekends. Other than providing your baby with a healthy environment, feeding your baby with healthy and natural foods is essential. The health of a baby is very important and parents should take measurements for providing their kids with the best nutritional meals.
We understand how important it is to give healthy foods to your baby and that is why we provide a solution that can help in reducing the stress on parents. Totmeal is the perfect solution for the parents who are struggling to provide the right food to their babies, and it allows them to provide their babies with the proper type of foods.

What's totmeal?

This innovative design machine helps you to make delicious homemade foods for your lovely kids in the shortest time with no extra effort. This cute countertop appliance steams foods while preserves the vital nutrients and vitamins inside the jar and makes a silky and soft puree in the quickest time and quietest mode. You can blend or chop fruits and vegetables and make snacks and smoothies just in a few seconds.You will be able to reheat or defrost the frozen baby foods in a few minutes without using the Microwaves. It also disinfects baby bottles, pacifiers, and teats right away and cleans itself automatically by simply pressing only one button.Totmeal helps you in preparing foods that are perfectly steamed and mixed for babies in all ages. With the help of this baby food processor, you can cook foods for your baby with the natural and healthy ingredients while retaining all vital nutrients and vitamins.

Products Functions

6 Major Advantages

Intimate Safe Switch

If the cover of stirring cup is not connected with the safety switch, the machine won’t work, even if it has been connected to the power.

Auto-Off, Anti-Dry Protection

When the water tank is short of water, it will cause the temperature inside the device to be higher than the setpoint. It will be automatically shut down and starts the protection program.

Safety Reinforcement Blade

Add an extra part on the basis of up & down lock for the blade, it will not be easy to drop off, which makes it safer.

Split Steaming Basket Design

With the separation of food & soup, you can adjust the consistency of the food accordingly to the baby’s age. With a personalized handle, it is easier and more convenient to use.

Rotary Cover, Stainless Steel Water Tank

Stainless steel inner tank, with wider water tank lip, more convenient to add water, more intuitively to check water volume and more easy to clean.

Smart Touch Digital Panel

Innovative touch buttons, enhancing hand operating experience, with the high beauty-value panel, operating completely once touching.


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